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Desktop & Web Development

Where your application runs is an important part of how it will work. Web and cloud-driven design can give you seamless multi-platform access from anywhere, while a desktop or embedded solution can offer speed and security.


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Desktop Applications

Writing native apps, whether Windows, iOS or Unix, gives you more platform-specific features, control and security options of any design approach. Native code is often the best choice for writing the fastest, easiest-to-use programs, and may be the only option for systems that need to integrate with specialized hardware.

Web-Based Design

If you need access-from-anywhere, a multi-platform interface, and centralized management, web applications are hard to beat. Browser-based access means all users see a similar interface regardless of how (or where) they work, and reactive designs provide for different screen sizes, languages and personal abilities.

Cloud Platforms

When scalability is critical, or if you don’t want to manage and host your own systems, cloud-based designs and platforms may be the right choice. Shared resources can scale on demand to handle virtually any demand or load, and modern platforms offer a wide range of options for backups, security and disaster recovery.

Smart Devices

Special-purpose computers are everywhere, offering intelligent interaction and control in everyday devices. Portable bar code scanners, automatic blood pressure cuffs and home security cameras are all examples of embedded software running on custom hardware to achieve fast, efficient interaction on a simplified platform.







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