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Founded in 1992 by college roommates Dennis Carmichael and Wes Faler, Cimulus was created mostly as an excuse to let a couple of guys do what they enjoyed: writing code. As the company grew, it added clients, projects, and other like-minded programmers, and its mission crystalized into what it is today: helping businesses leverage technology to be more efficient, accurate, and responsive, so they can focus on their own core strengths.

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Depending on your needs, we’ll assemble a team that fits best. Each of our developers brings their own experience, skill and style, and you’ll work directly with them for the duration of each project.

Dennis Carmichael

Founder – Project Management & Solution Design | Climber & Backpacker

James Fogarty

Lead Developer, SQL Master & Integration Specialist | Children’s Book Author

Matt Vianueva

Lead Developer, Specialized Applications, Networks & Protocols | Motorcycle Mechanic

Jacob Moga

Developer, Networks & Hardware, APIs and Integrations  |  Horticulture enthusiast

Rob Reem

Developer, .NET architect, Full Stack Web Developer  |  Pro Podcaster

Nathan Herskovitz

Developer, mobile and web, workflow design |  Media Enthusiast

Louis Moga

Developer, Complex workflows, iOS & Azure  |  Burning Man veteran


Yunyen Chiang

Front End Developer, Design Specialist | Drama Connoisseur

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Cimulus is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we have our offices, conference rooms, electronic lab and workout space. While our employees do take advantage of remote work, everyone spends at least a few days each week at the office, to promote teamwork and cross-training.

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